When around 1980 customs facilities were moved to Hazeldonk, the old Wuustwezel / Wernhout border looked like a ghost town. Deserted gas stations, closed-down bars, torn-down office blocks and desolated parking lots, all covered by tumbleweed. What an ideal spot for rehearsing with your band! And so it happened: one of the biggest offices (previously owned by Gerlach) was rented. No more moving every six months, no more looking for a place to practice…

Scoundrels was the name of the band in which I sang and played guitar. After having played together for about ten years (five years of which at 195) the band dissolved. Exit Scoundrels, enter Betty Ford Clinic. One of the first 195 recordings were done with this band and ended up on our debut cd Tralalapompompom, punkrock psychedelica at its best. Actually, the very first band that made me sweat was this band called BPA (Brainless Pine Apples). I must admit, after all those years these recordings are still the perfect soundtrack for a swingin’ party.

1992 was the start of a wild rocket ride. All the money I made in the studio was invested in new, more and better equipment. In 1996 the premises were bought and in 1998 I quit my day job to run the studio full-pro!



Scoundrels – Ufreettoemoef (demotape 1985 – guitar and vocals)
Scoundrels – Don’t Cry For The Moon (LP 1986 – guitar and vocals)
Scoundrels – Join Hands (LP 1987 – guitar and vocals)
Bad Influence – New Age Witch Hunt (CD 1987 – bass)
Acorns – The Acorns (7″ vinyl 1988 – drums)
Betty Ford Clinic – Tralalapompompom (CD 1994 – guitar and backing vocals)
Betty Ford Clinic – Betty (EP 1995 – guitar and backing vocals)
Diablos Innocentos – Diablos Innocentos (CD 1998 – drums and guitar)
Mitch – The Sound Of Music (CD 1998 – drums)
Mitch – Razzle Dazzle (CD 2000 – drums)
Mitch – Seven Of Nine (7″ vinyl 2001 – drums, guitar and bass)
Specimen – Specimen (CD 2001 – first solo album)
Patrick Delabie – Correct Me If I”m Right (CD 2004 – second solo album)
Beach Eater – Some Mystery (7″ vinyl 2010 – drums)
Half Mast – Black Flag Tribute (split 7″ vinyl w/ Walker Diver 2010 – drums)
Zachte G Harde P – S/T (LP 2013 – most instruments)

All Star Galaxy – forever endeavour (drums)

The VanCoothsOff to the Usa (drums)

The Oers– selftitled (drums)

Plus countles pigslides, heroic guitarsolos, tambourines and screaming along on numerous recordings.
Most of the releases listed are available through Black Death Records.