STUDIO 195  is a professional recording studio with musicians behind the knobs. Over the years Studio 195 has become a quality household name, responsible for recording bands such as Dead Stop, traumahelikopter, Otis, Rudy Trouvé, Massis, Gewapend Beton, Travoltas, Songs: Ohia, Skaggerz, Reiziger, Restless Youth, Sardonis, Cheap Drugs, Gewoon Fucking Raggen and The Apers, to name a few. Studio 195 is located in Wernhout, ON the Dutch / Belgian border. Welcome to the website, feel free to browse around.


Your favorite music can give you goosebumps, bursts of energy or bring tears to your eyes, don’t ask me why. I’m not a scientist. Is it the song? The singer? The lyrics? The sound? A combination of all these things? No, wait! There are folks who say it’s mathematics. There are those who say it used to sound better on vinyl or tape, or back when they were young. But music is here and now. It’s all about your ears and your heart. Not about your thoughts or your eyes. Please tell me it’s NOT mathematics. There’s music for waking up, for hot afternoons, cold and lonely evenings, even for sex or for dining, if you feel the urge. Whenever I had to do my maths, I snuck out to play punk rock.